What's With All of the Buzz Around Deep Learning Illustrated?

What's With All of the Buzz Around Deep Learning Illustrated?

Posted by Pranjali Galgali

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Deep Learning Instructor Jon Krohn

Deep Learning Demo Delivered

Deep learning course instructor Jon Krohn delivered a course demo on Wednesday, October 2, 2019, as an overview of his upcoming Deep Learning course at NYC Data Science Academy. He also launched the physical copies of his newly-published book, Deep Learning Illustrated, which was released by Pearson in September 2019. The course provides hands-on application using the newly launched TensorFlow 2 and Google Colab.

The talk was attended by more than 50 data science, machine learning and deep learning professionals. Ten lucky winners also got a signed copy of the book through a raffle. The book was signed by Beyleveld Grant and Jon Krohn, authors of Deep Learning Illustrated, which is now Amazon's #1 Bestseller in two Kindle categories: Data Mining and Neural Networks. Here's the recap of the event.

Visual Introduction to Deep Learning

The syllabus of the book runs parallel to the in-person course offered at the Academy on five saturdays which is scheduled to run from October 19th to December 7th. Via analogy to biological neurons and the human brain, this talk was a highly visual introduction to Deep Learning. It featured interactive demos and example code from all three of the leading open-source Deep Learning libraries: TensorFlow 2.0, Keras, and PyTorch.

Deep Learning Powers Countless Services

Almost unknown a few years ago, Deep Learning today powers countless everyday services from Tesla's Autopilot to Amazon Alexa’s voice recognition, and from Google Translate to superhuman ability at elaborate board games. Since Deep Learning algorithms have become unprecedentedly transformative across industry verticals and are now the state of the art across applications as diverse as image classification, natural language processing, generation of content, and game-playing, the course will be a great resource to upskill your knowledge about deep learning in just five weeks.

You can use the code NYCDATA to get a 40% discount on the book using the link informit.com/krohnIt is also available @ Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Interested in taking the Deep Learning course? Get a 10% tuition discount using the code DLT2019 at checkout. 

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