The $100 Million Fund-Raising: How I Did And How You Can Too

The $100 Million Fund-Raising: How I Did And How You Can Too

Posted by Jun Zhao

Updated: Oct 31, 2013


Many thanks go to Alexander Shermansong for giving such a great workshop and sharing his experience!


Meetup Announcement:

Exciting fundraising for data projects!


Alexander Shermansong, CEO of Civic Consulting USA

Alexander raised and deployed $100 million pro bono in projects in Chicago and is starting similar effort in NYC:

  • 80% increase in graduation:  With five pro bono partners, City Colleges of Chicago designed and launched the Reinvention plan

  • 25% reduction in wait time:  County health clinics cut patients' wait time as part of system-wide transformation undertaken with 70 individuals donating $3 million in service

  • 51% reduction in youth violence:  Consulting, foundation, and university partners helped design a summer program with long-term behavior improvements for youth at the highest risk of being involved in violence.


He shared successful strategies and tactics to:

  • Engage companies in pro bono work
  • Raise funds
  • Manage cross-company teams toward societal outcomes
  • Work effectively with government and public sector leaders

Alexander also shared his insight on NYC civic hacking opportunities.  He was looking for collaboration in consulting, programming, design, and other fields.

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