Tableau Workshop IV: Beginner Level, Maximize Your Visualization Effect

Tableau Workshop IV: Beginner Level, Maximize Your Visualization Effect

Posted by Jun Zhao

Updated: Aug 8, 2014


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Special thanks go to Sasha Bartashnik for giving such a great workshop!


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Curious about what you can do with Tableau (and what Tableau can do for you)? Learn how you can use Tableau as a tool to explore and communicate your data using effective visualizations.


Sasha Bartashnik is a data scientist who focuses on understanding behavior through data analysis and compelling visualization. She has a degree in math and a masters in management science from the University of Cambridge, with a side of ballroom dance. Sasha is currently teaching a beginner level class in Data Visualization with Tableau at the NYC Data Science Academy.


We walked through tips and tricks to understand the data you’re working with and prepare it for analysis (outliers, correlations, residuals). Sasha gave a brief overview of the wide variety of tools available that enables you to use your visualization to explain and persuade (dashboards, parameters, filters, advanced visuals). Along the way, we paid attention to principles that guided best practices in creating effective data visualizations.


If you want to follow along, download Tableau Public or have Tableau Desktop installed. And now, Tableau v.8.2 is also available for Macs.


Other Useful Info:

Some follow-up to the discussion:

- What language is Tableau written in? According to their own site (and Wikipedia..), it’s a new language they created called VizQL – combination of SQL and MDX for dealing with both querying and visualizing. Their conference paper:­

- Some more info on connecting to unsupported data sources through the API:

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