Tableau Workshop III: Beginner Level, Make and Share Basic Visualizations

Tableau Workshop III: Beginner Level, Make and Share Basic Visualizations

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Updated: Jun 3, 2014

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Meetup Announcement:

Want to get in on all the data viz that everyone is talking about? This beginner workshop could help you to learn how to use Tableau Public for creating and sharing data visualizations.

Speaker: Sasha Bartashnik, a data scientist who focused on understanding behavior through data analysis and compelling visualization. She has a degree in math and a masters in management science from the University of Cambridge, with a side of ballroom dance. Sasha is currently teaching a beginner level class in Data Visualization with Tableau at the NYC Data Science Academy.

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This meetup covered everything from how to set up and connect to data, to creating and sharing basic visualizations. By the end of this hands-on workshop, all attendees had produced their own interactive data visualizations and published them to the web.


Download Tableau Public and create a Tableau Public account. For now, Tableau Public is only available on Windows (or with parallels on Mac).

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