R workshop XVIII: rCharts (Make Interactive d3.js Type of Visualization with R)

R workshop XVIII: rCharts (Make Interactive d3.js Type of Visualization with R)

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Updated: May 9, 2014


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Meetup Announcement:

In this workshop, Professor Ramnath Vaidyanathan introduced his R package, rCharts, that allows one to create interactive data visualizations straight from R by leveraging multiple javascript based visualization libraries.

Speaker: Ramnath Vaidyanathan, Advisory Data Scientist and our rCharts/Slidfy/Shiny Instructor, is an Assistant Professor of Operations Management at McGill University.  He holds a Ph.D. in Operations Management from the Wharton School of UP, and worked as a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company before advising SupStat. He has great passion for R and has developed two R packages, Slidify and rCharts, both aiming at simplifying the creation and sharing of interactive web-based content with R.

1. Introduction to rCharts
2. Creating Visualizations
3. Sharing Visualizations
4. Adding Interactive Controls
5. Case Studies
6. Creating Custom Visualizations

Source and Slides: 


Other Useful Info Link:
NY Times replication: http://rcharts.io/nytinteractive/
Map provider list: http://leaflet-extras.github.io/leaflet-providers/preview/

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