Python and D3.js Demo Day

Python and D3.js Demo Day

Posted by Jun Zhao

Updated: May 7, 2014

–Project demo day of John’s Data Science by Python Class and Adam's Data Visualization with D3.js  Class

Follow us to check out what cool stuff you can do with Numpy, Pandas, D3.js library and Angular library.

It was NYC Data Science Academy’s student demo day.  John Downs’ Python class and Adam's D3.js class were offered in Mar-Apr and several of the students did projects using the tools they learned in class.  This was their opportunity to present their work.


NYC Data Science Academy is offering several relative courses:

Python: RSVP Introduction to Data Analysis with Python

RSVP Machine Learning - Python Intermediate Level

D3.js: RSVP Data Visualization with D3.js, Beginner Level


Students and their projects:

D3.js class:

Morgan: create an Angular directive to make a reusable force directed graph



Python class: 

John: Web application for handling restaurant inspection data



Paul: PCA of political beliefs



Kannan: Exploring the epoch times news website


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