OpenCity - Telling Stories with Data (Chicago Open Data Web Applications)

OpenCity - Telling Stories with Data (Chicago Open Data Web Applications)

Posted by Jun Zhao

Updated: Mar 11, 2014


Many thanks go to Chad W Pry for giving such a great meetup!


Meetup Announcement:

"While a part of the Open Data community, I have found success in telling a few stories about what was happening in the city of Chicago.  That success came from existing working, and newly formed community, relationships.  This presentation will provide a perspective of the community, how it helps building a career, how it helps in fostering relationships, and the value it offers to technology, and other, communities."

--Chad W Pry (cofounder of OpenCity)

Speaker: Chad W Pry, the co-founder of OpenCity.


- What is meant by telling stories with data

- What to expect once a story is in the wild

- Where to find and build a team

- Review example

- Review example

- Tools

- Questions

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