Natural Language Processing with Python and NLTK

Natural Language Processing with Python and NLTK

Posted by Jun Zhao

Updated: Aug 19, 2014

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Charlie Redmon, a data scientist with a Masters in Linguistics and 3 years experience in computational linguistics research in India.


Our focus was on establishing the basic NLP concepts to start working with text data, and demonstrating a few specific applications of NLP.

Example demonstrations:

1) How can I work with data that looks like this: এই শবদ কি হই ?

Charlie used the example of analyzing a corpus of Assamese text to demonstrate how to get around tricky Unicode issues when working in Python.

2) What's the difference between Dothraki and Valyrian?

We got some exposure to basic text classification in Python by asking the question "What makes Dothraki sound Dothraki and not Valyrian?" In the process we got a glimpse of how a text classification engine might be built in the absence of large vocabulary stores and look-up procedures.

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