Industry Project Sharing I: Thoughtworks Data Scientist Team

Industry Project Sharing I: Thoughtworks Data Scientist Team

Posted by Jun Zhao

Updated: Apr 15, 2014

Data Science Consulting

Many thanks go to our good friend - ThoughtWorks - for the food and the space of this workshop!

Special thanks go to Jared Hatch, Gary DeGregorio, John Spens for making this event possible!




Meetup Announcement:

Speaker: David Johnston, Lead Data Scientist at ThoughtWorks


The fast-growing Agile Analytics group at ThoughtWorks provides data-science consulting and analytics software development for businesses and other organizations. Their data scientists, mostly former scientists, bring new capabilities to ThoughtWorks including mathematical and statistical modeling, machine learning and data analysis experience. A major strength of their group is that, being embedded in ThoughtWorks, they can deliver large software projects with a data-science component in addition to smaller analytics-only projects.

During the workshop, David discussed the work TWers do, the field of data-science consulting as well as ideas and opinions of where he thinks the field of Big Data and data science came from, what it is now and where it might be heading.

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