Hack Session 2: New Yorker Magazine Vis---Inequalit­y and New York’s Subway

Hack Session 2: New Yorker Magazine Vis---Inequalit­y and New York’s Subway

Posted by Vivian Zhang

Updated: Nov 12, 2013

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Special thanks goes to James O'Malley, Chad Hyett, and their firm PORTER NOVELLI for the spectacular space.

PORTER NOVELLI is a public relations management firm specializing in consumer, corporate, healthcare and technology communications.

Thanks for coming, Jennifer, Nick, Andrei, John, David, Vijith, Bug, John 2, Dan, Dwayne, Elliot, Brian, Aaron! We had a lot of fun!






Sonya's Prezi can also be found at "subway-stations-and-census-data"


Meetup Announcement:


Sonya Reynolds (public data domain expert)

Tianyi Jiang (Visualization engineer @ SupStat Inc.)


1. pull the data file from census website
2. clean and adjust it to our visualization need
3. visualization by d3.js


This session is very technical and requires intensive experience with D3.js.

If you don't know the workflow of visualization and d3.js syntax, it is very likely you can't follow along. You are welcome to attend other preliminary D3.js workshops in this group.


Other Useful Info Link:


Our Hack Version: http://www.d3js.cn/demo/subway/worldMap.html

Magazine Link: http://www.newyorker.com/sandbox/business/subway.html

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