Featured Leader Series I: Data Science and Statistics – What Is the Intersection?

Featured Leader Series I: Data Science and Statistics – What Is the Intersection?

Posted by Jun Zhao

Updated: Mar 4, 2014


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Meetup Announcement:


Ronald L. Wasserstein, Executive Director, American Statistical Association, (Promoting the Practice and Profession of Statistics (TM)). He lives in D.C. and I appreciate his effort very much for making this workshop happen.

Outline and Background:

The past few years have brought the spectacular emergence of data science as a field of application and increasingly as an academic discipline. The past few years have also seen a great increase in interest in the field of statistics, reflected in increasing numbers of students and increasing visibility of the profession. Statistics thrives on applications and statisticians view data as being the center of their intellectual endeavor.

Data science is application driven and "data" is its first name. The intersection between data science and statistics should be fairly large, yet the intersection between data scientists and statisticians is not at all substantial. Why is that, and what should and can be done to address that? Or said another way, where is the disconnect, and what can be done to connect?

The American Statistical Association views itself as "The Big Tent for Statistics," and is keenly interested in having a broad view of the practice and profession of statistics in its many forms. The ASA sees tremendous value in connecting the data science community and the "traditional" statistics community.

Ronald Wasserstein, Executive Director of the American Statistical Association, expressed his views on these issues but was most interested in the views of the Meetup participants.

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