Excel Workshop II: Warm Up Session for Excel Intermediate Level Weekend Class

Excel Workshop II: Warm Up Session for Excel Intermediate Level Weekend Class

Posted by Vivian Zhang

Updated: Apr 4, 2014

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This hands-on workshop is intended to introduce concepts for working with Excel and VBA. Familiarity with Excel is recommended and necessary to get the most from the presentation. After topics are introduced attendants have a chance to practice with them for a few minutes on a sample workbook.

Speaker: Mary DiPerna (Master’s in computer science), our instructor of Excel class in NYC Data Science Academy.

More about the Speaker:

"I have worked with Excel and VBA intensely for more than 10 years. I have worked with clients to develop complex Excel systems that combine lookup and summary formulas with macros to import data from sales, accounting and personnel systems and produce complex data analysis.

For example: one spreadsheet was used to determine pay raises and bonuses across multiple departments, based on performance statistics imported from the sales and personnel systems and another was used to analysis various cost/profit alternatives based on different style and vendors options."


Topics including: Quick tour of multi-sheet formulas (3D and multi-reference) and multi-file formulas, Named Ranges as a technique for maintaining data integrity in multi-file calculation, Lookup and Logical functions, Overlay and data segmentation charts, Data summarization of lists with formulas and Pivot Tables, Data analysis with Data tables, Macros and Buttons and automation ideas.


Please have an installed version of Excel ready to go.
Macs: The sample files will work with MACS, although the screen interface may vary from the ones displayed.

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