Excel VBA Workshop I: Get Started

Excel VBA Workshop I: Get Started

Posted by Jun Zhao

Updated: Mar 14, 2014

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RSVP Data Skills with Excel, Intermediate Level


Meetup Announcement:

Speaker: David Romoff. David has worked with Excel and VBA intensely for about 2 years.  "While I am not a Professional Excel Developer, I have seen how it used for reporting and analytics at large firms and I'm hoping to share some underlying concepts here."


Quick tour of keyboard shortcuts, Named ranges, Named ranges as related to data control and calculations, Array calculations, Vlookup and match Data tables. Macros and Buttons and user interface ideas. A fun Macro Example. Plus VBA Concepts such as  Variable Declaration, Reading Ranges, Controlling Alerts,FunctionsR and Excel Interface Pivot Tables and Charts.

It was a hands-on workshop intended to introduce concepts for working with Excel and VBA. In general, a topic was introduced for about 5 minutes and then people could practice on a sample workbook for about 5 minutes; and then all would repeat.


Other Useful Info Link:

If you want to try, the original file could be downloaded here: https://slides.nycdatascience.com/excel/Excel%20VBA%20Workshop.xlsm

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