Demo Day (Students of Data Science by Python class) - Aug 28

Demo Day (Students of Data Science by Python class) - Aug 28

Posted by Jun Zhao

Updated: Aug 29, 2014

1. Intro:

This was a series of final presentations by students of Introduction to Statistical Programming in Python class by John Downs. The students had to present their final work to the audience which consisted of other students and members of NYC Open Data group. Each presentation highlighted the problem that was under consideration, the code created to solve it and the visualization of results. The instructor (John) introduced his students and their presentations, after which a student would present and tale questions.

2. Scenario Review:

3. Further Information:

NYC Data Science Academy is offering two relative Python courses:

RSVP Data Science with Python: Intro to Data Analysis

RSVP Data Science with Python: Machine Learning

4. Students and their projects:


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