Data Science and Analytics for the Public Good

Data Science and Analytics for the Public Good

Posted by Jun Zhao

Updated: Oct 29, 2013


Many thanks go to Stephen McCready, the Guest Host of this event.

Special thanks go to Aaron Erickson for  giving such a great workshop!


Meetup announcement:

In this presentation, we explored the way we could use data science and analytics to:

- make better use of our tax dollars

- enable small businesses

- strengthen the middle class

- empower the poor

- disrupt incumbent power structures in the developing and developed world

Can data science be revolutionary? You could get your answer after this workshop.


Aaron Erickson is a veteran technology consultant, writer, and helps lead the Analytics Practice at ThoughtWorks. His life's work helping progressive organizations better leverage technology, by contributing to solutions that have substantial positive economic impact for his clients. His current interests are application of Lean Startup techniques, agile analytics, and helping progressive organizations of all sizes take advantage of cloud computing.


- How the powerful are using big data

- Scientists as liberators

- Futurespective - what a future looks like with big data used for public good

- From Wall Street to Main Street to Bangalore, Kampala, Quito, and Accra - liberating data science from it's Wall Street captors!

- Next steps - how do you get started?

- Open discussion


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