Author Panel for Open Data and Technology I--Open Data Now

Author Panel for Open Data and Technology I--Open Data Now

Posted by Vivian Zhang

Updated: Jan 24, 2014

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Many thanks for Thoughtworks for offering the space and Amy Schantz for setting things up.



Open data meetup nyc 1 23-14 from Vivian S. Zhang

"These slides and material from the website are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 Unported License." by Joel




Meetup Announcement:

This talk showed how Open Data from government, private sources, and social media is opening huge new opportunities in business and the public sector.


Joel Gurin is the author of the new book Open Data Now (McGraw-Hill, 2014) and covers the subject on his website, Currently senior advisor at the GovLab at NYU, he was previously Chair of the White House Task Force on Smart Disclosure and editorial director and executive vice president of Consumer Reports


This talk will explore the implications of Open Data using a broad definition: Open Data is accessible public data we can use to launch new ventures, analyze trends, make decisions, and solve problems. The talk will cover: What Open Data is and how it relates to Big Data and Open Government- Sources of Open Data, including government, private sector, and social media - Eight major Open Data trends - Lessons for business, government, and the tech sector.

Preparation: Attendees are encouraged to read Joel Gurin's blog at and the new book Open Data Now (Copies will also be available for sale at the event.)

Vivian Zhang

Vivian is the CTO and School Director of NYC Data Science Academy and CTO of SupStat. With her extensive experience working in the data science field, she developed expertise in multiple programming languages, including R, Python, Hadoop, and Spark. In August 2016, Forbes ranked her amongst one of the nine women leading the pack in data analytics. In 2013, she created the NYC Open Data Meetup group, which stands as one of the largest data science communities offering meetups, conferences, and a weekly newsletter. In her spare time, Vivian enjoys meeting people and sharing her motivational stories with our students and other professionals

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