Learn Data Science from the Best in the Industry

Learn Data Science from the Best in the Industry

Posted by Pranjali Galgali

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

NYC Data Science Academy is one of the highest rated data science bootcamps on SwitchUp with 4.9 stars. One of the reasons for this is their curriculum, which is at the forefront of data science innovation and adapts from semester to semester to stay ahead of the booming and evolving data science industry. As a result, NYC Data Science Academy graduates land top jobs in the industry - from JP Morgan Chase to Bloomberg to Spotify.  Founded in 2013, NYC Data Science Academy has trained over 200 talented individuals to become premier data scientists.

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1. The Experience

NYC Data Science Academy is the only bootcamp that hires a diverse range of part-time and full-time instructors who only teach topics relevant to their field of expertise. The lectures are drawn not only from data science work experience but also backed by years of educational experience and hands on work in the industry. The coursework is drawn from leaders in the data science community as well as the feedback from hiring partner events and corporate training needs.

2. Core Curriculum

Data Science is an evolving field. The NYC Data Science Academy approach begins with the core skillset that every data scientists needs and then augments that with training in new techniques and the latest technology. Students begin with building a strong foundation in programming tools (R, Python, SQL) and the algorithms behind machine learning models, which are required for day to day data science tasks. NYC Data Science Academy’s course is also designed to equip students with the tools to answer the common interview questions regarding data challenges. The daily schedule begins with a morning lecture of three hours followed by afternoon student lab sessions, jumpstart sessions, or additional sessions to cover morning materials. Students will have access to a team of six TA’s for personalized instructional and project guidance.

3. Jumpstarts and Curriculum Updates

NYC Data Science Academy’s recent course additions teach students some of the latest tools and innovations in data science including topics such as TensorFlow, Gensim, MongoDB, and Docker. They’ve also introduced coding lab sessions that allow students to work on real datasets provided from our hiring partners to practice expected job tasks. Afternoon sessions include Jumpstart sessions that cover useful tools such as Knitr & R Markdown, Selenium, Shiny.io, and XGBoost.

4. In-depth Prerequisite Coursework

In order to ensure that students are fully prepared for the bootcamp, prerequisite coursework is assigned via NYC Data Science Academy’s online platform. The material covers data visualization and over two hundred coding challenge questions from both R and Python. In addition, lecture videos will cover an introduction to calculus, linear algebra, and statistics. Additional recommended readings are also provided as supplementary pre-coursework for ambitious students.

5. Differences Between Online and In Person Bootcamp

The curriculum content across the online and in-person bootcamp is synchronized across learning platforms. The main differences are that the in person bootcamp has an expected course workload of 420 hours while the online will have 488 hours. The additional hour expectation from online students is to ensure proper synthesis of the material and personal TA meetings. Both platforms will have access to a Slack channel to interface with fellow students, TA’s and instructors.

6. Job Placement

According to BPSS standards of reporting, NYC Data Science Academy successfully places 70% of their graduates within three months of graduation and 93% of their graduates within six months in the data science industry. This is done through an extensive hiring partner network including Google, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Booz Allen Hamilton, Spotify, Nielsen, WorkFusion, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Aetna, Mount Sinai Hospital, Mindshare, Uptake and more.

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