Meet Your Mentors: Kyle Gallatin

Meet Your Mentors: Kyle Gallatin

Posted by Vivian Zhang

Updated: Nov 4, 2020


Kyle Gallatin is Machine Learning Engineer at Pfizer who uses Python to create scalable, operationalized machine learning models within the biomedical space. Besides mentoring students at our online data science bootcamp, he works as a Machine Learning Engineer at Pfizer, a job he got shortly after attending the bootcamp himself. In this interview, he shares his favorite parts about being a mentor, how he adapts his aid to each student’s needs, and what it takes to do his job well.

Our online students have access to mentors like Kyle during and after their time at the bootcamp. They have been in your shoes and know what you’re going through. Kyle talks about how that fact helps him guide the students through the bootcamp and aid in their job search.



If you are interested in reading more of Kyle's work, you can go to his medium page.

We recommend you to check out his sharing about 

The struggle to find my first data science job.

The program he is being a mentor with is our Data Science Bootcamp.

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