NYC Data Science Academy wins Best Data Science Bootcamp 2020 Award

NYC Data Science Academy wins Best Data Science Bootcamp 2020 Award

Posted by Pranjali Galgali

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Best Data Science School on SwitchUp!

We are so happy to announce that NYC Data Science Academy is yet again, the best data science school on SwitchUp!

For the fifth year in a row, NYC Data Science Academy has topped SwitchUp's year-end list with a rating of 4.9/5 and with 265 student and alumni reviews.  NYC Data Science Academy has been receiving recognition for the 'Best Data Science Bootcamp' since 2016.

Each year, SwitchUp ranks bootcamps from around the world based on over 15,000 verified student reviews, across over 500 bootcamps in operation, and ratings of curriculum, job support, and overall experience. This year, SwitchUp ranked the best 18 data science bootcamps around the world, based on alumni reviews. These reviews are a factor in excellent job support, instructor quality, and student outcomes.  

nycdsa best data science bootcamp 2020

We at NYC Data Science Academy take student feedback very seriously, and it was exciting to see that our alumni benefitted from our career resources, job support and rigorous curriculum. Alumni were especially impressed by our teaching methods, TA support and networking opportunities. Here’s a breakdown of what students felt: have to say:

  • Help in Transitioning Your Career to Data Science

NYC Data Science Academy goes beyond programming fundamentals to teach students how to solve problems like a Data Scientist. Because the field is evolving rapidly, we aim to give students the critical thinking skills they’ll need to adapt on the job. Students loved that NYC Data Science Academy’s teachers are often working Data Scientists, so the program is consistently current and rigorous. One student explains:

"After spending nine years in business sales, I wanted to go back to my technical roots and started looking into data science bootcamps that could help me make a career transition. I looked into all the major schools within the data science bootcamps and finally decided to join the NYC Data Science Academy thanks to the reviews as well as the comprehensive curriculum.

One thing that I was very satisfied about at the bootcamp was the hands on help that I got whenever I needed it. The entire school staff wants you to succeed and achieve your goals and they do everything they can do make that happen. Can’t thank them enough for having my back in this journey.

As far as job hunting, the academy provides ample material on how to get ready for the job search process from resume reviews to interview prep to bringing employers in the school for interviews. There are always exclusive job postings on the internal website and the school has an incredible network, so it’s always been easy getting introductions to school alumni or key executives from target companies. I ended up receiving 2 offers, and joined a major tech company as a data scientist.

NYC Data Science Academy is highly recommended! It is worth the time and the money in gold!"

-Yuce Dincer, data scientist at IBM

  • The Curriculum Will Get You Job-Ready

NYC Data Science Academy is designed for a wide range of students: everyone from complete beginners to those who have some experience under their belts. However, students loved that the curriculum was challenging, efficient, and comprehensive for students of a variety of backgrounds. For reviewers, the curriculum gave them the foundation necessary to start a Data Science career right after graduation. As one reviewer put it:

"The bootcamp offers even seasoned machine learning practitioners something new, and everyone (regardless of their coding background) can get something out of it. The instructors are nice and want you to succeed but there is so much information packed into such a short amount of time. I liked this bootcamp but found it difficult.
On a more personal note, I would not have gotten the job that I have now at Bloomberg without this bootcamp. I received letters of recommendation from two instructors as well as a practice interview with one of the camp’s alumni who had recently gone through the same interview process. The interviewer mentioned that the bootcamp made me stick out as an applicant and was part of the reason why I got this position. As I reflect on this experience though, I felt like I was floundering the entire time and overall the experience was not enjoyable because of the magnitude of work. However, I ended up learning so much about R and the different machine learning techniques. Even though I came from a mathematical background with some machine learning experience I was not able to comprehend some material during the program.
Some of you reading this review may be thinking in a strictly cost-benefit mindset. For me, the financial benefit has outweighed the cost especially because I am at the beginning of my career. Because of the quality of the instructors, the opportunities the bootcamp unlocks, and the interesting subject material I would recommend this bootcamp to anyone looking for a challenging way to jumpstart their machine learning adventure." - Adrian Gillerman | global market data analyst, Bloomberg

  • Unbeatable Job Support and Network

One of the things that set the Academy apart is the bootcamp’s extensive network of hiring partners with top companies in the NYC area and beyond. Reviewers loved that it was easy to plug into NYC Data Science Academy’s network for potential job leads, and that job support is a vital piece of the program. One reviewer talks job support:

“I have a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, and was looking for a career change before coming to NYCDSA. A friend of mine who had finished the bootcamp and got his Data Scientist job shortly after introduced me to the bootcamp.
The program was quite intense and comprehensive. The course materials are well prepared and presented. As someone who didn't have much prior coding experience, I was able to absorb pretty much everything without any problem. Out of the bootcamp, I felt very confident about my technical skills and understanding of data science.
The job assistance from NYC Data Science Academy was valuable for me. They had sessions during the program to prepare resume and workshops for graduates to prepare for interviews. More importantly, their hiring event and referrals helped me to get interviews so that I can show the skills I have gained from the bootcamp. In fact, I got my job through their referral.
Overall, it was a great experience for me. If you are motivated, interested in data science and willing to put in your effort, the bootcamp will be a rewarding journey for you.
”  - Yadi Li, data analyst at LinkedIn

Bootcamps are training the next generation of data scientists, who are in high demand. If you're fascinated by analytics and data patterns, a data science career may be a great fit. Continue your research with our top bootcamps by location or check out our guide to learning data science. If you're searching for the best bootcamp, NYC Data Science Academy is your final stop!

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