NYC Data Science Academy ranks in Course Report’s 2019 Top Data Science Bootcamps

NYC Data Science Academy ranks in Course Report’s 2019 Top Data Science Bootcamps

Posted by Pranjali Galgali

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

We’re proud to announce that NYC Data Science Academy is one of the top-rated and top-established data science bootcamps in the world, according to the Course Report’s Top Schools of 2019 report.

Top Rated Data Science Academy

This report published on July 24, endorses NYC Data Science Academy as one of three top-rated and top-established data science bootcamps for its user rating of 4.83 and its established status. This rating is based on 262 student reviews who have taken the bootcamp or part-time courses at NYCDSA.  Course Report’s Top Bootcamps of 2019 list 15 best schools that have received an average overall rating of 4.77 based on 2352 reviews.

Best Immersive Data Science Bootcamp

The report affirms that the NYC Data Science Academy is one of the best immersive data science bootcamps in the industry underscoring the following attributes:

    • Offers a full-time, immersive data science program in NYC and Online
    • Cutting-edge syllabus with 1-on-1 TA support 
    • Focuses on R and Python in Machine Learning, Big Data, NLP, Deep Learning, Data Analysis & Data Visualization and more
    • Provides lifetime job support and personalized career assistance
    • Offers funding options to help students with payment plans

Describing the Immersive Data Science Bootcamp at NYC Data Science Academy, the site mentions, “The program distinguishes itself by balancing intensive lectures with real-world project work, and by the breadth of its curriculum. Throughout the program students work alone and in teams to create at least four projects that are showcased to employers through multiple channels; private on-campus hiring partner events, student blogs, meetups, and recorded presentations.”. 


Check out what students have to say about the program. 

  1. Sean Justice, Data Scientist at The Climate Corporation

    An Incredibly Rewarding Experience: After working as a computer engineer for 11 years, I decided to pursue a career change into data science. I looked at a number of different programs available across the country, and I ended up deciding to go with the NYC Data Science 12 week intensive program. One of the largest advantages that the program had over others is that they teach both Python and R. I found this to be especially helpful for creating a solid foundation during the machine learning portion of the course.

    The program was very demanding, but it was definitely the type of experience where you get what you put in. The instructors and the TAs were all incredibly helpful and responsive whenever I had difficulties with the projects or understanding any of the course materials. 

    The job assistance resources that the program provided were incredibly valuable, from special sessions that were targeted at helping us create a great resume to a hiring event with a large number of prospective companies. The outreach from the school didn’t end once the program was finished, and they were a very valuable resource while I was searching for employment in my new field.

    I would say that overall the program was a great experience, and I am very happy that I decided on attending the NYC Data Science Academy.

  2. David Levy, Data Analyst at FanDuel Sportsbook

    Amazing bootcamp and experience! The teachers and TAs are extremely knowledgable and caring- going over and beyond in their support of students. The program is also exceptionally well-managed and upper management genuinely Cares about the success of their students; Both throughout the bootcamp and after graduation.

    As in most things in life - you will get what you put in. Be prepared to work really hard - you will learn a ton and set yourself up for success in the data science field. You will also build an outstanding network and support system of like-minded, good people!

HIGHLY recommended!

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