Introducing the Data Science Launchpad with Python program

Introducing the Data Science Launchpad with Python program

Posted by Terence Cortez

Updated: Aug 5, 2020


Skilled Data Science Professionals Are In Demand

The demand for skilled professionals who understand how to harness data and extract value from it is growing exponentially. According to SHRM’s Jobs of the Future report, 82% of US companies have or plan to have positions that require skills in working with data. This increased demand creates a massive talent gap for companies across virtually every industry to fill open positions that require a background and expertise in working with data.

We contribute to bridging this talent gap by providing top-notch data science training to individuals who want to build new careers in data science and those who wish to acquire data science knowledge and apply them to their current roles. Our team continuously works hard to improve our existing programs to keep pace with the growing demand of the field.

To start with, we are upgrading our bundled professional development courses, beginning with our Data Science with Python bundle, which we are reintroducing as our new Data Science Launchpad with Python.

What is the Data Science Launchpad with Python program?

This new program will comprise three Python courses and also include hands-on lab work and data science projects to reinforce your learning while receiving academic support from a dedicated mentor. 

The program starts by teaching students to write Python, which is readable, portable, and efficient. From there, students will learn the fundamental tools and methods for data analysis in Python and using these skills to distill business insights and communicate them through visualizations. Finally, students will build up their Machine Learning abilities in Python, differentiate between several supervised and unsupervised models, and use those models to gain depth, discover structure, and create predictive tools based on observations.

Ready to get started?

There has never been a better time to brush up on existing skills or acquire new knowledge to be an indispensable part of your team. Build your knowledge and gain confidence in transforming data sets into actionable insights by enrolling in the Data Science Launchpad with Python program today.  Just click the button to get started.


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