Career Day at NYC Data Science Academy, January 15, 2020

Career Day at NYC Data Science Academy, January 15, 2020

Posted by Pranjali Galgali

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

hpe0120-11-500362-An02KllE-scaledAccording to an IBM survey, the openings for data and analytics talent in the US is going to increase by 133% in 2020, creating more than 700,000 openings. NYC Data Science Academy not only trains the talent in this field, but also organizes a hiring event every quarter. Being the best data science bootcamp in the industry, it attracts reputed companies, past alumni and current students.

Recently, the Data Scientists and Networking event held on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 witnessed more than 35 employers and more than 50 talented data science students, who have graduated from the data science bootcamp in the past months.

The 'Data Scientist and Employer Networking Event' is exclusively organized for select bootcamp students, alumni and hiring partners, at Penn Station WeWork in NYC, every quarter.

Over 35 corporate partners and hiring managers from reputed companies attended the event to engage in conversations with our students and alumni. Some of the hiring partners were our alumni who were seeking bootcamp graduates to join their teams.

Our students had the opportunity to get interviewed, showcase their industry projects and build relationships with the hiring partners. Representatives from Accenture, American Water, Applecart, Cherre, Code in Canada, Fan Duel, Flywheel Software, Gryphon Strategies, NVIDIA, pymetrics, inc., S&P Global Market Intelligence, Spotify, Tapestry, UNOPS, Soni Resources and many more reputed companies, attended the event.

If you're interested in participating in our future hiring events as a hiring partner and recruit our graduates, please join our next hiring event on April 8, 2020. Click here to register for the event.

There are no hidden fees to view our candidates or attend this event and even meet our future data scientists. You can visit our Job Portal to view candidate profiles who are categorized according to their education levels, positions, skills, industries and experience.

In the past, representatives from Google, Facebook, Apple, Samsung, JP Morgan Chase, Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, CapitalOne, Barclays Bank, IBM Watson, Nielsen, Finra, BNY Mellon, National Grid, Pfizer, Aetna, CVS, Publicis, Mindshare, Verizon, NBC Universal and many more have attended our hiring event.

We are looking forward to supporting your data science talent pipeline and matching the best candidates with the right positions.

Feel free to sign up here or email us at

Pranjali Galgali

Pranjali Galgali is a Marketing and Communications Associate, NYC Data Science Academy. She is a Master's in Digital Media and Strategic Communications from Rutgers University. She enjoys reading and writing about data science, upcoming technologies and loves interviewing people.

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