Student Hiring Frenzy

Student Hiring Frenzy

Posted by Claire Tu

Updated: Aug 21, 2015

On Tuesday, August 11th, over 30 hiring managers and HR professionals in several industries joined our Students and Employers Networking Events. Our graduates had a great time meeting potential employers and talking about their data science projects and employment interests in person. The party lasted well past 11:00pm, which is late for us here at NYC Data Science Academy, but we were having too good of time to stop.

“I spoke with recruiters from Goldman Sachs, HBO, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, all in one night. ” - Alejandra

“The access to employers here at this first event was out of this world - I need to get business cards.” - Luke

This event kicks off our two week recruiting sprint here at the school, where matchmaking between students and employers takes place. We have partnered with diverse companies from small startups to large corporations to help place our students in positions just right for them. The first few events are informal and over drinks, then our Placement Staff schedule one-on-one interviews.

We don't charge a fee for graduate recruitment. If you are interested in hiring data scientists from us, please take a look at the hiring partner page or you can fill in the form here.

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