R workshop VII: Caret package---Classification and Regression Training

R workshop VII: Caret package---Classification and Regression Training

Posted by Vivian Zhang

Updated: Nov 20, 2013

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Thank you for coming, Justion, Katie, Zac, Calvin, Friederike, Luyis, Jasna, Yan, Robert, Brian, Cory, Arnab, Roman, Chris, Deena, Kannan, Roman K, ALejandro, Christine, Richard, Nicole, Elise, Uri!

NYC Data Science Academy is offering five relative courses:

RSVP Data Science with R, Beginner Level

RSVP Data Science with R, Intermediate Level

RSVP Introduction to Data Science by R, 2 Full Days

RSVP RStudio's Master R Developer Workshop 2 Days

RSVP 20 Most Popular R Packages Series - Knitr - Dynamic Reporting

RSVP 20 Most Popular R Packages Series - Shiny - Web Applications






Meetup Announcement:


Kai Xiao, Data Scientist at SupStat Inc.


Google Hangout


This was a good introductory workshop for Data Scientist Wannabe.

You could read the short intro file first.

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