NYC Data Science Academy Is One of SwitchUp’s Best Reviewed Bootcamps

NYC Data Science Academy Is One of SwitchUp’s Best Reviewed Bootcamps

Posted by Claire Tu

Updated: Feb 14, 2017



We’re thrilled to announce that NYC Data Science Academy is a top-rated data science school on SwitchUp! The bootcamp review site recently released their year-end ‘Best Data Science Bootcamps’ list, and NYC Data Science Academy ended the year with 56 alumni reviews at 4.9 stars.


NYC Data Science Academy takes student feedback seriously, and it was exciting to see that reviewers were especially impressed by NYC Data Science Academy’s teaching methods, environment, and network. Here’s the breakdown of what students have to say:

  • You’ll Learn How To Think Like A Data Scientist

NYC Data Science Academy goes beyond programming fundamentals to teach students how to solve problems like a Data Scientist. Because the field is evolving rapidly, NYC Data Science Academy’s aim is to give students the critical thinking skills they’ll need to adapt on the job. Students loved that NYC Data Science Academy’s teachers are often working Data Scientists, so the program is consistently current and rigorous. One student explains:

"The 12 week bootcamp at NYC Data Science Academy combines everything a budding data scientist needs while finding a balance between depth and breadth. Coming from a background in strategy consulting I appreciated the intense nature of the schedule with tight turnarounds and explicit deadlines for coursework and project submission. You'll be given the chance not only to learn from some of the best instructors with phenomenal backgrounds and real-world experience, but also to showcase your own skills and ideas through 5 data science projects where you get to form hypotheses on data sets of interest to you and make meaningful conclusions." 

  • The Curriculum Will Get You Job-Ready

NYC Data Science Academy is designed for a wide range of students: everyone from complete beginners to those who have some experience under their belts. However, students loved that the curriculum was challenging, efficient, and comprehensive for students of a variety of backgrounds. For reviewers, the curriculum gave them the foundation necessary to start a Data Science career right after graduation. As one reviewer put it:

“It takes a lot of knowledge, experience, and hard work to distill complicated and complex topics and communicate them in a simple and understandable way. The materials presented in this bootcamp were presented that way. When I can understand, in a matter of minutes, statistical concepts which I had tried to understand for a long time it means the quality of teaching and materials are excellent. During the job search, I also realized that the correct balance between breadth and depth had been selected to give us a very solid foundation on which to start a job in data science.”

  • Unbeatable Job Support and Network

One of the things that sets NYC Data Science Academy apart is the bootcamp’s large network of hiring partners with top companies in the NYC area and beyond. Reviewers loved that it was easy to plug into NYC Data Science Academy’s network for potential job leads, and that job support is a key piece of the program. One reviewer talks job support:

“Although I can't attest to job stats, I received my first offer less than 6 weeks after the program ended. I met the firm at the Career Day at the end of the program. Vivian, the CEO of NYC Data Science Academy, is the job placement tsar and wizard and without her and her relationships with so many great firms there would not be as many companies at the career day as there are: Spotify, JP Morgan Chase, MindShare, etc.. Vivian will do every in her power to connect you with your dream job. That being said, getting an offer is entirely on you. You must have great visual and complex projects, you must interview well, and you must be actively job seeking and cultivating relationships on your own.”

What else do alumni have to say about NYC Data Science Academy? To leave a review of NYC Data Science Academy, visit

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