Yoga Retreat Worldwide

Yoga Retreat Worldwide

Posted by Lan Mond

Updated: Sep 10, 2019


This project is aimed at Scraping Data from randomly selected website and conduct basic analysis on it from business point of view.

  • Chosen website is:
  • Theme: yoga
  • Retreats
  • Vacation
  • Worldwide
  • 7447 retreats


Provide some insights for sb who is planning on setting up a yoga retreat.

Website Struc


Website Structure

7447 listings
12 listings/page
621 pages

Scraping Tool: Scrapy

The collected data consists 7447 observations with 17 features each.


Language Distribution:


89% of the retreats use English as Instruction Language


Popularity by Country


  1. India:  19% 
  2. Indonesia: 11% 
  3. Spain: 9%
  4. Thailand: 6%
  5. Portugal: 6%
  6. USA: 5% Italy:
  7. 5% Costa Rica: 4%

Participants Review Rating Distribution

Popularity by Country

Global general performance is quite good. •5.5:  27% •4.5:  39% •4.0:  28% •3.5:   9% •91% of ratings are 4 and 4 above •No  lower than 3.5 ratings.

Participants Review Rating by Country

•Ireland: No.1(10) •Peru: No.2 (77) •USA: No. 4, ranks 6th on retreat counts (399) •India: No. 14, ranks 1 st on retreat counts(1387) •Spain: No.12,  ranks 3 rd on retreat counts

Skill Levels

•All level: 58%
•Beginner and Intermedia: 23%
•Beginner: 11%
•Intermediate and Advanced: 3%


Yoga Style Popularity

Popularity of  Lengths of the stay

2~8 days length are the most adopted program


Possible answers for the new yoga retreat business:

  1. Instruction:  English
  2. Skill level:  all level
  3. Yoga style:  consider the Vinyasa, Astanga etc.
  4. Length of program:  5-8 days
  5. Location: along the coastal line
  6. Third party – expert tip


Palm Beach/Miami, Florida,  America Should be my first choice.


Use Selenium  to scrap and retain:

  1. Price
  2. Customer Reviews (detail)
  3. Traveller (single or family)

With the detail reviews, we can use NLP to receive more information on feedback. Also, we can discover more travel pattern which will help on the new business set up.



Palm Beach/Miami, Florida,  America Should be my first choice.

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