Scraping Thumbtack for Insights

Scraping Thumbtack for Insights

Posted by Swarup Malli

Updated: May 3, 2020


The project involved scraping Thumbtack website for information on over 1000 home inspectors providing services in   multiple cities across USA.


Thumbtack is an online service that matches customers with local professionals. Currently, Thumbtack lists 1,100 types of services in categories such as  home, wellness, events, and lessons.

Thumbtack’s major competitors are HomeAdvisor and Angies List.

Fig 1

Extracted the above highlighted data points (See Fig 1) from over 1028 Home inspectors from all over the country.


Goal of the project to find the ratings of  top 10 service providers by the number of hires.And to find the ratings of those businesses.


Objective of the research was

1) To find if ratings and number of hires were co-related  ? i.e. to find if businesses with rating 5 always did better than those with lower rating ?


2) Find the range of ratings of businesses that had highest number of hires.


3) Determine the Average, maximum and minimum starting price of the service providers


4) Co-relation between rating and number of hires



Ratings and number of hires:

Fig 2

After analyzing the data ,  it was found that the business that had maximum number of hires  fell in the range of 4.7 -  4.9  (See Fig 2 above)  .

5 star rating did not necessarily translate into more number of hires.

Fig 3

It was found many business with zero hires also had 5 star rating .

Fig 4 

On an average the mean value of the starting price across united states was found to be $260 ,with minimum price being $96 dollars and maximum being $585. Businesses that listed they starting price made up 84% of hiring share vs 16% of those who did not in the dataset. Listing the pricing on the website actually helped to improve the business for the service providers.



 Relation between 5-star rating and number of Hires

  • 5-star rating doesn’t translate to greater number of
  • Business with 5 str rating tend to be new to the market.

For Customers before hiring a home inspector   

  • Look for number of hires along with  the star rating ,instead of just relying  on star rating and      number of reviews.

For Businesses trying to advertise on Thumbtack

  • Advertising the starting price on the website can improve the business drastically.
  • Businesses that provided services in multiple areas got more business compared to those who did not






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