Navigate the Craft Cafes in New York City

Navigate the Craft Cafes in New York City

Posted by Yicong Zhao

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Roast coffee becomes a trend in New York cafes. Last year, I interviewed the New York Coffee Festival and found they have a website collecting all the information of New York Roast Cafes. So this time, I decided to collect information on these cafes in new York city and build analysis on it.

(the general web introduction page)
(the introduction page for individual cafe)

These are questions I want to figure out:

  • How do the craft roasty cafes name themselves?
  • What are the brewing methods they use most frequently?
  • What is the normal opening hours on workdays and weekends?
  • How is the geographical distribution like?

Data Preparation

I have scraped the information on 202 cafes in new York area. The information types I scraped are: Name, Address, ZIP Code, Coffee Price, Opening Time, Brewing Method.

(the data I get)

2. Analysis

  1. Name: I have built one word cloud to see different types  

From this graph, we can see that the types of names are: Location, Person Name, Food, Funny Combination, Animal, Size. And I made one visualization based on that.

2. I created bar chart to see the frequency of brewing method.

3. Then i made a map to show the concentration of cafes in different area with zip codes listed.

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