Mortality Rate Among Vulnerable Population in USA

Mortality Rate Among Vulnerable Population in USA

Posted by Sundus Seif

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

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Influenza and Pneumonia Mortalities by Age Group

After exploring the dataset for influenza/Pneumonia related deaths. We found that 

  • There were close to 19 million deaths between 2012 – 2018. Out of which Pneumonia/Influenza related diseases constituted around 2% of the deaths.
  • The objective of the research was to identify the group that was most vulnerable to Influenza/Pneumonia deaths and share the information with healthcare providers for resource allocation.
  • We found that the age group category had a direct correlation to Influenzas/Pneumonia deaths.
  • As shown in the bar plot, these diseases were particularly deadlier for senior citizens above the age of 85. Making up around 45% of total Pneumonia/Influenza related deaths.

On further exploration of the type Pneumonia/Influenza, We found that the top cause of death was  Pneumonia by Unspecified organisms. Which was followed by influenza, Bacterial pneumonia, and viral pneumonia.

More research needs to be done for the unspecified types of pneumonia within this age group, to find effective treatments and preventive measures to identify early warning signs.


In this plot, we are doing a year by year comparison of death distribution percentage for 85 and above, by various types of Pneumonia and Influenza diseases.

Here we found that Influenza, represented by the yellow band in the graph. It shrank and spiked for certain years. Additional research needs to be done to find the factors that were responsible for the cases to spike to commit resources to help mitigate the issues.

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