Capstone: Forex Account Analytics

Capstone: Forex Account Analytics

Posted by Ryan Willett

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

This post will not be interesting on its own merits, but is intended to stand in lieu of a post on my capstone project, the contents of which are covered by an NDA. 

The project goal was to carry out predictive analytics on customer account performance outcomes. 

My contributions included: 

  • Development of imputation methods
  • Feature engineering (including NDA topic modeling)
  • Building Flask app
  • Built tools with the Google Search API and webscrapers

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Ryan Willett

Ryan completed the NYCDSA program in June 2019. He holds a PhD in Pharmacology and Molecular Signaling from Columbia University, and BS and BA in Biology and Biochemistry, respectively, from Brandeis University. After a postdoctoral research fellowship in developmental biology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, he worked for a year as a writer for a medical communications agency in New York before joining NYCDSA in April 2019. With a broad set of interests, an attention to detail, and a passion for data, Ryan enjoys discoveries wherever he finds them.

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