Zachary Escalante

Zach Escalante's path to the field of Data Analysis has not been a conventional one. Born and raised in South Florida, Zach did his first bachelor's degree in Finance at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Following the completion of his first bachelors, he began work in the financial industry. Realizing that quantitative skills would be a necessary component for the changing economy, he completed a second bachelors in Math (also at FAU) while working full time. From there he exchanged the sandy beaches of Boca Raton for the gorges in Ithaca where he did his Masters in Financial Engineering at Cornell University. After 18 months working in fixed income at KGS Alpha, Zach moved on to continue developing his computer programming and big data analysis skills at NYC Data Science Academy. His ultimate goal is to be able to effectively analyze big data to detect and predict trends across various markets.

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