Spencer James Stebbins

Spencer Stebbins was the Lead Software Engineer at Dorian LPG; a NYSE listed company and the second largest LPG ship owner in the world. While at Dorian, Spencer was the project manager and lead engineer of DORIS; an internal information dashboard that aggregates isolated company information into a central Firebase database and visualizes that data through a React.js application. (DORIS is now deployed company­wide and boasts a suite of robust features including a real­time fleet map and position list as well fully customizable data tables and news feeds.) Prior to his work at Dorian LPG, Spencer attended Hack Reactor, a twelve week advanced software engineering program focused on Javascript and software engineering principals. For his Hack Reactor capstone project Spencer and three other fellows built Tuxedo.js: a feature complete framework built on the React view layer, Flux Architecture, and CommonJS modules that topped Hacker News for over fourteen hours. Spencer graduated from the NYU Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music a year early and formerly produced concerts that raised money for local charities before his transition to software. While at NYCDSA, Spencer has strengthened his engineering and data science skills through a variety of projects. He has created a music recommendation application called Muse that utilizes a form of weighted nearest neighbors and leverages both Spotify and Youtube's API's to fetch relevant music videos to the attribute variance of a user's playlist. For his capstone project, Spencer built an application called Enigma where users can upload their own data and easily create an stacked ensemble model through a step by step visual interface. With each step, Enigma filters a 3D three.js network graph of models, refines summary statistics and visuals, and even suggests optimal models. Enigma was built using R, Caret, Python, Flask, React, Three.js, and Webpack.

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