Samriddhi Shakya

Samriddhi comes from a Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) background. He has a Master’s degree in Geography from Auburn University and Bachelors of Engineering degree in Geomatics from Kathmandu University. During his Masters at Auburn University, he was involved in two separate projects for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Office of Water Resources (OWR) in Alabama. For the first project, he classified isolated wetlands from aerial imageries using Object Based Image Analysis methods and for the second, he estimated water irrigation rate on agricultural lands from satellite images. He also built a website, a consortium to promote research and education. The website allows users to download GIS files and imageries for different counties of Alabama. After graduating from Auburn University, he joined Sun IT solutions where he underwent training in Big Data (Hadoop, Spark) and Data Warehousing Technologies (Informatica, Teradata).He recently graduated from NYCDSA where he enhanced his data science skills in data manipulation, data analysis, machine learning, and visualization. Moreover, he completed five projects which included machine learning and building web applications. He built interactive Shiny apps, one of which focused on analyzing sentiments of twitter feeds and another helped potential renters search for apartments in Manhattan. For his Capstone project, he built an app which displayed Topic Models created from reviews of Yelp dataset using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help restaurant owners improve their business.

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