Mark Schott

Mark is originally from outside Detroit, MI. For college, he first attended the University of California at Santa Cruz before transferring to Wayne State University in Detroit where he graduated Cum Laude in General Physics. While an undergraduate, he was involved in two Research for Undergraduate Programs in Experimental High Energy Physics and Materials Physics respectively. His interest in physics led him to the Applied Physics Doctoral Program at Rice University where he completed several courses and contributed to research in Experimental Nanophotonics. After realizing that academia was not for him, he left graduate school to pursue other interests. Since then he has become passionate about open source software and scientific computing on Linux systems. He held a Software Developer position for Reynolds and Reynolds in Houston, TX before moving to New York City. He is currently enrolled in the NYC Data Science Academy's 12 week program and afterwards would like to apply his skills in mathematical analysis, programming, and personal relations to glean valuable insights in the finance or non-profit sector.

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