Jurgen De Jager

Jurgen’s fascination with analytics and its applications specifically within data science, led to his decision some time ago that this is the career path he wants to pursue post graduation. In anticipation of this, he has worked extensively over the last few years to develop a set of skills that would help prepare him for the work required of a data scientist. His education and experience has provided him with significant depth in statistics, econometrics, and quantitative economic analysis. Combined with coursework in microeconomics, computer programming, and project-based field electives that utilize the skills learned in the econometric core. Jurgen graduated with a Master of Science in Economics in June at Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo and is now currently enrolled at the NYC Data Science Academy. Throughout this time he has been lucky enough to get exposure to various research and consulting projects as both a graduate research assistant and through independent study. Most recently, he worked as a graduate research assistant for Dr. Jon James on various consulting projects. The most recent project required him to analyze a very large dataset from the National Longitudinal Survey, estimating the effect of highest degree earned on wages. Jurgen thoroughly enjoys all aspects of his line of study, and is eager to move into a career that can help him learn and progress further with work of this kind. The best way for him to develop his skills further is through application, and he’s looking for a firm that will enable him to do so.

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