Carlos Salas Najera

Carlos is a passionate individual for investments and technology with long/short equity portfolio management experience that has worked over the last 10 years in combining his fundamental, quantitative and data science skills in order to deliver superior returns. His core strength lies on his understanding that investments is a continuous learning process that requires a regular disciplined effort and relentless mindset. Throughout the last five years, Carlos has been running investment mandates summing up more than 1 billion dollars, training junior analysts, enhancing his technological skills and delivering double-digit returns for his investors. He earned his MBA at AFI Business School, and degree in Business & Economics at the University of Alicante. In addition, he is also a CFA and graduated in Game Theory and Competitive Strategy at the London School of Economics. Currently, Carlos is augmenting his skills at the NYC Data Science Academy to increase the amount of non-structured data to be used in his investment models and develop machine-learning tools that tackle issues related to behavioral finance errors.

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